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Corporal CW St J Nobby Nobbs

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Corporal Nobby Nobbs is known to carry a certificate to his species signed by the Patrician himself along with a variety of interesting cigarette ends and various other items "found" over the years. Nobby has been described as a fair guide to the mind of Ankh-Morpork's average citizen as well as a fine advertisement for genocide.

In appearance, Corporal Nobbs has been described as a monkey, presumably on the grounds of his remarkable dissimilarity to the Librarian. Other descriptions include "a face like a blind cobbler's thumb" and, on fashion sense, "a bit of a peacock. A peacock that had been repeatedly hit with something heavy, yes, but a peacock nonetheless."

Whatever, Corporal CW St.J Nobbs remains a much-loved character and his exploits are looked forward to by many on AFP, which must suggest something about the newsgroup rather more than Nobby himself.

Whether he is really Lord de Nobbes or not looks set to remain a mystery for ever.

Nobby passes shiftily through:
Guards! Guards!.
Moving Pictures. (a cameo)
Men At Arms.
Feet of Clay.
The Fifth Elephant.
The Truth.
Night Watch.

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Casting suggestions:
Billy Connoly, David Jason, Tony Robinson, Eric Idle, Harry Enfield, Adrian Edmondson, Compo from "Last of the Summer Wine"

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