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The Dean

[The Dean]

Born to eat Big dinners

Born to Rune! It is a common misconception that senior wizards enjoy a second childhood. It's just that, what with all the training and whatever, they rarely have time for their first until at least late middle age. Witness the Dean of Pentacles[1]. Seventy going on seventeen, in pointy hat and black leather. Life one long round of clicks, music with rocks in and pyromania, punctuated only by the regular meals needed to develop the sort of mass normally associated with collapsed stars. Fellow faculty members maintain that although lacking in dignity, the Dean is redeemed by his great talent. A research programme has recently been initiated to determine what this may be.

[1] An appointment traditionally made from the ranks of a select few, who jealously guard the secret of why Pentacles should be so important in a system of magic based on the number eight[2].
[2] Not that they'd ever say the 'e' word directly.

The dean can hardly be avoided in:
Moving Pictures.
Reaper Man.
Lords and Ladies.
Soul Music.
Interesting Times.
The Last Continent
The Last Hero

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