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Greebo is Nanny Ogg's cat.

To Nanny, Greebo is still a sweet little kitten that plays with balls of wool.

To the rest of the world, Greebo is an enormous tomcat with a skin that looks less like fur then a patchwork quilt, no ears and only one eye. Greebo is a malevolent collection of life force who won't hesitate to fight or rape anything (As a matter of pride). Dogs hide when Greebo's on the prowl, Foxes detour around Lancre and even Wolves avoid him.

The only creature that has successfully stood up to Greebo is Legba, Mrs Googol's Cockerel (See Witches Abroad), who merely looked at him and then scratched the ground in a way that drew attention to his two inch long spurs.

(Here's a real life example of a Greebo versus a bear.)

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