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Rincewind the Wizard



Rincewind (pronounced 'Rince-wind' to rhyme with 'mince pinned') is a wizard, which must be correct as he has a wizard's hat with 'WIZZARD' written on it. He craves a boring life, although he keeps finding himself involved in one adventure or another, despite his best efforts. His job at the Unseen University is working for the Librarian, peeling bananas and holding books down.

Rincewind runs away in:
The Colour of Magic.
The Light Fantastic.
Interesting Times.
The Last Continent.
The Last Hero.

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Casting suggestions:
Tony Robinson, David Yip, Rowan Atkinson, Geoffrey Balydon (Catweazle), Robin Williams, Hugh Laurie, Simon Jones (Arthur Dent), John Cleese, Stephen Chow, a.k.a. Chau Shi-Chin, Rhys Ifans (Spike in Notting Hill).

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