Number 2

It are open!

Technical setup Possibly the best-kept secret of the opening ceremonies was the Tech Crew. That was at least the intention, as the 12 (and 8 the day before) hours of effort got a bit wearying for the 8? 14? 3? locked in battle with gaffer tape, cables, lights, microphones, mixing boards, dry ice, and ducks. Gophers were dispatched to protect eager attendees from fraying tempers. But when doors were flung open and people tromped all over that nice gaffer tape, the Tech Crew was as impressed by the quantity of audience as the audience were by the quality of What Had Been Wrought, and all for their amusement.

Tim, Kati, Mary, Andy, Mike, Richard, Andrew, Paul. The Tech Crew
All that work for THIS? Opening ceremony

Kat's pictureThe Chronicle Live team are: Editor Derek Moody and Cub Kitten reporter: Kat Knight (pictured).

Stock prices

Ankh Morpork auction today. Many exotic lots, bidding was brisk, and whips were slashed. Some lots damaged by an over-enthusiastic Slave Mistress, but overall were in good condition.

Flesh Market - price report

The Chronicles of Sarnia

Authoress authoring
Diane Duane 'avin a spot of muse.

by Diane Duane

Once uponna time, there lived a King and a Queen who wanted a baby. But they didn't seem to be having one, for some reason.

And the Queen was very sad. She sublimated her sadness in many ways, but the one she liked best was to make herself a nice bacon sandwich. So one day she went down to the royal kitchens and lifted the lid on the hot plate of the royal Aga and started to make herself one. She was very particular about her bacon sandwiches. The bread had to be very, very white. And the sauce had to be very, very brown. And the bacon had to be very, very crisp.

Maddonna and sarnie by Alex Bennet In such wise the Queen made the sandwich. And looking upon it, she fell into a study. And she wished that she might have a daughter whose skin would be as white as the bread, with the crusts off, and whose hair would be as brown as the sauce, and whose cheeks would be as pink as the bacon. Though not as crisp.

And someone heard her wish...and brought it to pass.

Unfortunately, by then the sandwich was cold.

-to be continued with-

The King, the sandwich - and the Queen's excuse.




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