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filk /filk/ /n.,v./ [from SF fandom, where a typo for 'folk' was adopted as a new word] A popular or folk song with lyrics revised or completely new lyrics, intended for humorous effect when read, and/or to be sung late at night at SF conventions. There is a flourishing subgenre of these called 'computer filks', written by hackers and often containing rather sophisticated technical humor. See double bucky for an example. Compare grilf , hing , pr0n , and newsfroup .

Source: The Jargon File 4.1.4

Afp related filks

12 Days Of Hogswatch

A Denizen Of Afp
A New Afp Family
A Speculation Tag
Adeste Insanes
Afp Ain't Bad
Afp Arty
Afp Goes On
Afp Newbie Man
Afp not Abp
Afp The Growth Of An Obsession
Afparty 101
Afpers and things
Afpers At The Meet With Chocolate
Afpian Rhapsody
Angie Baby
Another Meet Bites The Dust
As Time Goes By

Banana Song
Best Time For Afp
Black Velvet Band
Bohemian Rhapsody
Bohemian Rhapsody 2
Breakfast At Livias

Chocolate Raid
Clarecraft 99
Creatures Of The Net

Discovering Afp
Don't Dream It's Over

Elder Afpers
Everybodys Free To Join Afp

Feminist Thread
Filk For Antti
Filk On Afp
Folsom Poster Blues
Folsom Poster Blues 2
For Distant Fans
Frequent Questions
Funtime For Pterry

Geek Toys
Ghost Posters
Gods Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen

Hark The Afpers Sing
Hark The Horrid Newbie Sing
Heaven She Posts
Hes Going Home
Hotel Afp
House Of The Rising Son
Hymns And Arias

I Saw Three Posts
If I Only Had A Clue
Im A Newbie Newbie To Afp
Im Not Obsessed
Im The Perfect Afper
Inebriant Rhapsody
Introspection High
It's Easy M'kay

Jake The Afper
Just One More Punter

Lart Em
Let It Be
Let It Be 2
Losing My Connection

Marvellous Party
Millenium Filk
Muppy Love
My Filk

Newsgroup A F P
Nine Days Of September
Non Je Ne Regrette Rien

O Little Group Of Afp
Oh Barry
On Afp
On Afp
On Afp 3
On Afp We Tag
Once An Apfer David Chapman
Our Jens Is Gone Now

Phantom The Fastest Filker In The West
Phil The Fluters Ball
Pratchett Sleeps Tonight
Pretty Clueful

Read The Faqs
Readers Of Pterry
Right Said Gid

Say Vom
September Has Gone
Smiley Afpeople
Sunny Afpternoon

Ten Years
That Afp Is Painless
The Anthropomorphic Personification
The Anthropomorphic Personification 2
The Battle Hymn Of The Republic
The Charge Of The Liart Brigade
The Clarecraft Of 99
The Con is on
The Days We Spent At Clarecraft
The First Trowell
The Gasman Cometh
The Irish Rover
The Meet That The Bodos Led
The Newsfeed Cometh
The Nigh Before Hogswatch
The Nitwit Song
The Poster Thats Short Of A Clue
The Reader Of The Faq
The Twelve Days Of Hogswatch
The Wolly Mammoth
Those Were The Days

Usenetter Song

Visions Of Afp

Walking Gazebos
Waltzing To Woolpit And Ging Gang Goolie
We Are The Afpers
We Are The Afpers 2
We Are The Froup
We Are The Newsgroup
We Will Lart You
Welcome In
Well I Never
What Do We Do With A Flaming David
What The World Needs Now
Whos Next
Why Can't The Spammers
Wild Rover
Will You Post A Little Faster
Wish You Were Clued
Wouldn'T It Be Loverly

You Used To Be A Newbie Too

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Discworld related filks

12 Days Of Hogswatch

A Nameless Assassin
Ach Nac Mac Feegle
Afp Walk Of Death Rincewind Wont Be A Hero
Albert And The Monkey
An Ankh Morpork Air
An Assassins Lot
Angua 2
Angua And Detritus
Anguas Song
Ankh Morpork
Ankh Morporkium
Anywhere Is
Away In Ankh Morpork
Away In Ankh Morpork2

Bat out of Hell
Bridge Over Troubled Water

Can't let Magrat Go
Carrot And Angua
Carrot Sunday
Casanunda The Highwayman Bend Down And Deliver
Cat Out Of Hell
Chants Of Witches
City Watch Filk
Cohen'S Lament
Cohens Return
Coward Fleeing Gainfully

Dancing Dean
Dedicated Follower Of Commerce
Dibblers Song
Do The Time Warp
Dont Call Him Monkeyman
Dont Scream Its Cohen

El Maggo Pasa

Feel Like A Werewolf
Filk For Death
Filk For Death Part 2
Filk For Death2
Filk For Granny Weatherwax
Flat World
Fresh Start Club

Gaspodes Song
Gaspode And Angua
Girls And Dwarfs
Girls And Dwarfs2
Good King Verence
Great A Tuin
Guild Of Fools

Have Yourself A Happy Little Hogswatch
Hodgesaaaaargh And Hex
Hogswatch Day In The Watch House
Hotel Am
Hotel Genua
House Of The Mended Drum
House Of The Missing Needle

I Am A Rock
I Am The Scytheman
I Don't Like Hogswatch
I fear I'm going back to old Ankh-Morpork
I Will Survive
If You Were A Werewolf And I Were Human
I'll never Trust a Mage Again
In Llamedos
In Llamedos2
In The Square
Its A Dogs Life
Itsh All Denturesh Now

John Keel

Lady Gloriana The Duchess Of Sto Lat
Lady In Black Angua The Yard
Lancre Express
Leaning On A Lamppost
Leonard Of Quirm
Let Ther Be Spuds
Librarians Theme

Men At Arms
Men Of Lancre
Mightily Oats
Monkey Man
Morpork Nights

Nac Mac Feegle
Night Watch
Now Is The Month Of Cooting And Local Geeks In The Public House

Occult People
Oh Angua
Once In Great Ankh Morpork City
Only You

Part Life
Parts Of A Thousand Men
Pawn Of Lady Luck
Piece Of My Heart
Pull The Other

Rat Out Of Hell
Red Right Hand
Reeling In The Years
Ridcully And Susan
Ridcully The Brown
Rincewind The Wizzard
Run From You
Running Wizzard Man

Sator Square mk3
Scumble And Pie
Seamstress House Of Pleasure
Send Us Now Across The Rolling Ocean
She Aint Dead Yet
Simon The Scarlet Snouted Saddleback
Slice Girls
Slice Up Your Life
Sossinabun Forever

Take Your Hand
Tam O Lancre
That Discworld Religion
The Badger
The Ballad Of Om And Brutha
The Ballad Of Susan Death
The Beggars
The Day The Helits Died
The Discworld
The Fresh Start Club
The Hat
The Jolly Guy Is Coming To Town
The Life Of Dibbler
The Luggage And Golem Breath And Foul Ole Ron
The Only Living Girl In The House
The Piano Ape
The Theological Song
The Watch Needs Men
The Wizzard
Thief Of Time
Thief Of Time 2
Thinking Brain Dog
Three Lancr Witches
Through The Winter City
Twelve Days Of Hogswatch
Two City Guards

Uberwald Nights
Univers'ty Dreamin'

Vampire Otto
Verence and Magrat
Vetinaris Musings

Watch Badge Number Five
We Shall Visit The Ungodly
Wee Mad Arthurs Song
While Watchmen Walk
Whippin' Ankh Morpork
Witches Witches Witches
Wolf Eyed Girl

Yellow Metal Dream

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General filks

12 Days of August

A Day In The Life & Blackbird
A Vote For Palpatine Is A Vote For Order
A Weekend In Bogner Regis
A Whiter Shade Of Pale
Another Plonk In The Thread
Another Plug In The Wall
Apocalypse World
Away From The Keyboard

Baldur'S Lament
Baldur'S Lament 2
Battle Hym Of The Reorg
Blue Smirnoff
Bonkers Bestiary Vol 2 Bush Tucker
Brush Up On Your Tennis
Bushes Always Bomb Iraq
Bye Bye Mail

Cable Street
Call Me El
Cant Hear My Bleeper
Christmas Cooking
Cisco Inferno
Clue Odious Clue
Clueful People
Clueless Luser
Come To Ccde
Come To Hash Afp
Con Security
Convention Gopher
Cthulhu Is Coming To Town
Cthulhu Lies Here Screaming
Curry House Rhapsody

Dedicated Follower Of Pratchett
Dicksize Wars
Discworld Fan Song
Do Worry, Feel Crappy
Dont Stop Me Now

Englishman In Al Quds

Filk It
For Da Management
Four Seasons Of Delay
Fsck You

Ghost Cider In The Sky
Goodbye Steve Hurley

I Am A Woman Now
I Close My Eyes
I Dream Its Over
I Heard It From Donald
I Wanna Put Chains On You
Icbw And It Makes A Fellow Proud To Be
If I Were Fred Flintstone
If We Won The Lotto
I'M A Believer
I'M Leaving Maybe Insane
Interchangable Emma'S
Into Your Arms
Ircs Easy Now
It Makes A Fella Proud To Be A Werewolf
It's A Filk From Mp

Je Ne Regrette Rien
Just Ccde

Keep My Counselors Satisfied
King of the Ringwraiths
Klingon Cuisine
Klingon Cuisine2
Kudos Can Wait

Lack Of Routing
Leader Of Iraq
Let It Blow
Lets Irc
Livin La Vida Loco
Lords Prayer
Love Letters Straight To A Lart

Many Filks
Marble Halls
Midsummer Dreaming
Modern English Humourist
Morning Song
Motherboard Running
Murdering Seagulls
My Favorite Things
My Weedy Little Geek

No Calls
Nothing Even Happened

October Song
Oh Wouldnt It Be Loverly
Oive Goht Oi Es Dee Hen In Moi Tracr
Old Man Pratchett
Old Man Pratchett2
Old Red Eyes Is Back
Only Flu

Packard Bell
Paypal Mail Blues
Plastic Vorlon
Point Your Topicfinger
Pond Life
Pornographers Have Their Picnic
Post it to Usenet
Pterry The Magic Author


Richard And Katie
Rule Cthulhu

Sheddi Knights
Smells Like (M)Ean Spirit
Somewhere Deep In Suffolk
Spam Is There For You
Stand By Me
Stand On Your Man
Still Crazy
Stuck In The Middle Of Feuds
Suppose Edgar Allan Poe Had Used A Computer
Sweet Dreams Are Made Of
Sysadmin Blues

Techies Nerds Geeks
Ten Years
The Attack Of The Vending Machines
The Breasts Are Coming To Get Us
The Camper
The Clue Song
The Clueful Sysadmin
The Council of Elrond
The Dugong Song
The Great Ape
The Hedgehog Can Never Oh
The Inbetweenies
The Lurkers support me in email
The Net
The Newbies Lament
The Night Before Hogswatch
The Obvious Tune
The Old Fart And The Ircing Fan
The Scotsman Cometh
The Teletubbies
The Ugly Geeking
The Werewolf
This Be The Clue
This Land
Thread Killer
Tomorrow Belongs To Me
Trolls Come Marching
Turn It On Again

Uruk Hai Marching Song
Urban Legends

Vampires Serenade

Welcome To The Killfile
Weren't Above Me Anymore
When We Went Off To Clarecraft
Where Are The Clues
Where Everybody Knows Your Nick
Where Have All My Pterrybooks Gone
Why Does It Always Rain On Me
Will Survive The Y2K
Without The Net Is Just The Pits
World Com

You'll Never Run Alone
You Took The Words Right Out Of My Song

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